Success on Purpose


A year long program to allow your power and achieve your high expectations.
This is for you if..
You are ready and want to show up more purposefully to be in Service 
You are a high achiever who wants to contribute more to the world and needs to learn how to put self first to give out from overflow
You have been a “people pleaser” and ready to allow your authentic self for personal power and improved self esteem
Self doubt has stopped you from achieving your dreams
You are an emotional person and wish to transform the fear based emotions for higher intuition and more energy
You are ready to “BE the change you wish to see in the world” to contribute to the world
You can expect to achieve
Improved relationships
A deeper connection with yourself and therefore improved relationships.
Live the life you've dreamed
Creating the life you wish to live rather than from default fear programming
Transformational change
Changing habits and behaviours for transformational change.
Get results in Life!
Having the courage to step out of your comfort zone to get different results in life!
Higher vibration
An understanding of the metaphysics of how our brain and emotions can hold us back and how to transform limiting beliefs and create new neuro pathways in the brain for a higher vibration.
Excitement in life
A new excitement for life as you accept the truth of you and live from love, joy and gratitude!
What you get
1x Live group mentoring session each week.
Recording of group session including meditations.
Access to Success on Purpose templates including meditations.
FB group for ongoing support and discussion.
Love to CHAT about Women's Mastermind of Miracles
Love to CHAT about Men's Mastermind of Miracles
Let them speak for us!
Read what my clients are saying to whom I've helped to make a difference in their life. 
"Working with Mel and my group in the Success on Purpose program is like having the sun shine on my shoulders each day. The support, love and abundance of this group fills my cup, challenges me to show up in more meaningful ways for myself so that I am better able to serve others. I love this practice and the people I am doing it with and I can't recommend it highly enough."
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Scott McLaughlin
Leader | Storyteller | Dad
"Mel's a great coach! I joined one of Mel's groups around a year and I've loved it. She's hugely helped me improve the way I begin each day on the right foot, and she's helped me to delve deeper than ever before in getting to know myself so I can empower myself to be the best version of me I can be. I'm totally addicted to the process of getting better! Mel deserves huge success as a guide and mentor ."
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Simon Turner
Dad | Writer | Amazing Bloke
"The work I've done with Mel over the years has helped me access my inner wisdom, allow myself to make mistakes and be vulnerable, and understand that life doesn't have to be 'hard' all the time. The lessons I've learned with Mel I now incorporate into my new job and my new business - they are that important and impactful. I knew from the first online workshop with Mel that she was exactly the type of person I wanted mentoring me- knowledgeable, accomplished, humble and filled with light. 
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Inger Bennett
Success Coach
"I  joined the Men's Mastermind Group in 2021, after spending 15+ years in a kitchen as a Chef, I felt uncertain about my future as a person and thru the work I undertook with Melonie's guidance, I discovered new things about myself, what my drives are and importantly my purpose in life. I definitely would recommend Mel's Success on Purpose, to those seeking some clarity in their life and in their search to finding" purpose."
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Christopher Kang
Chef| Husband
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Love to CHAT about Women's Mastermind of Miracles
Love to CHAT about Men's Mastermind of Miracles
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