Unlock your true potential, BE in Service and Contribute to a greater cause in 2021!!
In learning to receive from self how that transforms your business, personal life and allows ease in and joy.
MARCH 18, 2020 | Thursday @ 9:00 AM (AEDT)
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This workshop is for you if..

1. You want to change and live a life with balance but don’t know where to start.

2. You are feeling tired, burnt out and stressed and don’t know how to turn off the noise in the head.

3. You want to live joyfully and make a huge difference in the world but keep sabotaging your own success through repeating patterns of lack of self belief and inability to serve self.








Turn that "I Don't Matter", "I Am Not Good Enough" to
Listen to how excited these folks are about their experience at the half-day workshop

"So many aha moments to take away from this. Connecting with your Inner Child was really uplifting and opening. Opened a lot of what I couldn't figure out in myself. On how to find where I was holding myself back. I really feel like I have direction and a better understanding of myself. So, I highly recommend!"

Sarah Axon

"I really appreciate that Mel created this great opportunity for us to all come together.I appreciate she shared her own journey with us and provided all the useful tools in such a great environment for us to get to know your inner self better. I really appreciate it. Great workshop!"


"I found her approach to be very gentle but very effective. Coming out of it I feel I got enough to move ahead and make some changes that I've been wanting to make.
So I would highly recommend to anyone actually jumping on board and coming along to the session."

Sue Knox

"The great thing about doing Melonie's course today is that she delves a lot deeper to get into what actually is making you stuck so you can get out of it a lot quicker. Cos the quicker you get out of that, the quicker you're able to help other people with their business and with their work and the things that they really need to do as well."

Debbie Small

I'm feeling really awesome about it. Mel takes us through so much, within such a short time. So Many takeaways and a call to action at the end. It's just been amazing and I recommend Mel's workshops to anybody who is ready for change or who isn't ready for change but is on personal journey. I just really encourage you to take up the challenge and to complete one of Mel's workshops.You'll get so much from it. 

Missy Taumata

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In this workshop, you will...

1. Understand how when you receive and learn to fill your cup up you can prevent exhaustion and live from the heart.

2. The importance of feeling to release overwhelm.

3. Gain the gifts from life’s challenges.

4. Learn how to connect with yourself and serve self.

5. Learn that your dreams do matter and you deserve to live them NOW!
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Over 7 Years of Experience as a Success Mentor

Melonie is the Chief Energy Officer at Success on Purpose. Mentoring Entrepreneurs to boom their business.

As a Palliative Care Nurse for 20 years and through her own experience of burnout, anxiety and depression, Melonie learned that it is not sustainable to keep giving without receiving.  Productivity comes through alignment of strengths, values and having a clear focus and vision.

As a Success Mentor, author and keynote speaker, Melonie support professionals to not wait until it's too late, live life now to really make an impact in your own life and contribute to your team and the world at large.

Melonie is passionate about learning and growing which was the reason behind the creation of Success on Purpose. This business allows Melonie to become more creative and confident in finding the gift in challenging situations and makes her heart do a dance when clients realize the truth of who they really are!!

Melonie values family and growing her tribe so all feel energized, confident and loved. Also socializing, dancing, meeting inspiring people, cycling, reading, travelling and quiet time at home.

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Clients Share the Love❤

Melonie is a person you never knew you needed in your life until she walked in and shook it all up. We love her genuine zest for life and her boundless energy. Learning from her is like having your heart and mind meet as one. Generosity is her core message for abundance. Thanks Mel, you've done wonders for our relationship and we truly appreciate your friendship. 

Charmaine Loke
CEO at Better choices - A healthier lifestyle

Great time to do the work xxx I did this workshop today it’s was brilliant!! Highly recommend it, great to shift and move deeper, dive deeper into your heart xx Thankyou Melonie Taylor for a beautiful morning ❤️

Nikolina O Saric
Founder at Buildbrand

I recently attended the workshop run by Melonie Taylor and the breakthroughs I had at the training were amazing. Some of the activities were confronting and raw for me but what came out of it was well worth going through this.I could not highly recommend Melonie Taylor enough and I will be continuing to work with her in due course as I have more to learn about myself and how to move past my current roadblocks.

Andrew Mathieson-Blakely
Business Consultant - The Business Turnaround Guy

Although I am a Hypnotherapist and a trainer myself, this workshop with Melonie Taylor was an eye opener because it made me realize associations I never knew existed in my mind related to money. And I already started to see things differently now.
Not to miss .. even if it is not in your time zone.

Bahia Maktabi
Self-Management Coach

This is an incredible workshop presented by a woman with a passion like no other. With some huge 'ah ha' moments and crazy clarity over things I had not thought about before, Melonie takes you on an amazing journey to get a deeper look at yourself.

Pip Meecham
Director at ProjectBox

For as long as I can remember this time of years has always seen me overwhelmed, tired and stressed. Well for the first time ever I feel energised, excited and at peace. It has taken a lot of self awareness and behaviour change to get me here but more importantly support and wisdom from an amazing group of people. A special thank you to Nikki Smith, Melonie Taylor, Rugare Gomo. Thank you for sharing your special gifts with me I am eternally grateful.

Kate Riodan
Power to Process