Feel confident and the power within. When you create a daily habit of focusing on your greatness it builds self esteem, self worth and self confidence to take bigger steps in life!

Create a habit of success

Consistency is the key to success. Have a journal where you can track your habits to build the feeling of being a billionaire.

BE more instead of DO more

Life is supposed to be easy. Instead of tiring yourself by continuously working, allow yourself to receive abundance and enjoy life more.

Bring out the Billionaire in YOU

Don't just drift through your days. The Be a Billionaire Journal shows you how to design your life to bring out the billionaire within YOU.

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How it all started

Back when Melonie was nursing she used to wish and hope for a good day. A day where everything fell into place and there was no drama. What she realised later on was that she wasn't doing anything to change her energy, to change her point of attraction to allow  more ease and flow. She also realised her body was addicted to stress and had to learn how to relax.

For Melonie, the only reason life was hard is because she was an over achiever and hard on herself. Full of the need to be perfect and to control the day as felt so out of control within.   

The Be a Billionaire Journal was developed as a result of years of building a daily routine. This routine allowed Melonie to teach her mind and body how to relax. This rewired the brain from stress and fear to relaxed and loved. Consistency is the key! Learning how to be more rather than do more. In the being you become. Taking daily actions to build new habits, opens the heart and rewires the mind allowing inspiring energy to come from within to bring out the billionaire in YOU! 

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